Dan Dabber


“My man Dan Dabber is still the best dancehall DJ I’ve ever seen… He knows all the rhythms.”
– Preslav Lefterov, Pittsburgh Track Authority

Dan Dabber has been a reggae-dancehall DJ since 2001 and he has shared the stage with acts like Stephen and Damian Marley, Sean Paul, Dave Chappelle, and Wiz Khalifa. His unique approach to Jamaican music is informed by his broader musical sensibilities, and this combination has earned him a diverse fan base from all over the world.

Having come of age in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania during the 90’s, Dan’s first exposure to reggae and dancehall was through subsequent genres like hip hop, ragga jungle, ska, and punk. As he learned more about where these kinds of music came from, he realized that Jamaica has influenced contemporary Western music as much as, if not more than, any other nation in the world. With an in-depth knowledge of Jamaica’s ongoing musical history and how it has influenced American and European audiences, Dan has made it his mission to convince everybody, even the most resistant non-Caribbean crowds, that they’ve loved Jamaican music all along.